Insert a photo in a column of a list in SharePoint

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Hi fellas,


I am trying to insert images in a column of an expandable list that I created in SharePoint, I defined the column type as "multi-lines of text" with the "use enhanced rich text" option enabled so I can add text with images and tables.


Whenever I use the insert image option and add an image (figure 1), it appears as a broken link (figure 2).



Figure 1



Figure 2


When I try to copy-paste the image, it is shown for a few seconds and then disappears. I already used different image formats (JPEG, PNG, ...) and tried various ways of inserting the image (creating an image library on the website and upload photos there, copy-paste from my hard drive). What am I doing wrong? How can I solve this issue?


I also tried creating another column for figures and I was able to insert images there, but the problem was that the images shown were very small and I could not change the size (I made sure that the original images were big enough with high resolution). I appreciate any solution for my silly problem :)


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