Inputting a power app into a Sharepoint page

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Hi All,


Firstly Im unable to add a modern page to a particular site on Sharepoint, my assumption is that because they didn't exist when these sites were created (in 2014) that its not possible to add one now or am I completely wrong? 


If I am right can I add a power app to a wiki (classic) page? As I really want to add this app!


Please help!

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Hi, try to navigate to the site contents page, open the browser developer tool and try to execute the below function

Hi @Sudharsan K 

Run it as a command ?


Tried this but nothing. All I want is to be able to add a modern page so I can add in an app?



Hi, sorry for the delay, can you post some screenshot for better clarity.

@AB21805 Assuming this site has been migrated to O365, an admin may need to activate this feature in Site Settings.


site pages.PNG


Sometimes this isn't activated by default. Just have to click the button and you should be good to create modern pages.