InlineEditField - Date Field - Calendar Not Showing when "Calendar" button pressed

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Hi All,

I've searched extensively and have come up with nothing, so thought I see if anyone else has come across the behaviour below. 


TLDR; ever had problems with the calendar on an inlineeditfield for a date column?


Firstly, this is happening on Microsoft Edge for Business - v117.0.2045.60.  And the correct behaviour was being exhibited up until some time yesterday.  So ... the story so far ...


I have created a list and used JSON formatting to style both cards (for tiles) and columns (for tabular lists), and I use "inline edit fields" to update fields.  It actually works reasonably well - until now.  When  I have a date field, I click to edit.  Expected behaviour:

an edit date textbox is shown


On clicking the calendar icon, the calendar opens, you can select a date and happy days.


What is happening is that - unpredictably - the calendar doesn't show when the icon is clicked, you just exit the textbox and the value is unchanged (unless it was changed manually in the textbox before the calendar icon was clicked).  As I said, sometimes it opens, but it is very fluky.  I've tried to investigate the input element (not sure if it is a native date input or a MS created sharepoint  amalgam) - but as soon as you switch to Devtools, the control closes.  It is infuriating. 


 In column mode, I stripped away anything pretty and have :



"inlineeditfield":"@currentfield"  ,

"txtContent":"@currentfield" }


So, has anyone seen anything the same (or even similar) to this, and what did you do?  Let me know if you need more details.  Or where do I report this as a bug to Microsoft (it's either Sharepoint, Edge or both!  They can't get away from it!!)






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