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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but in Infopath, I'm trying to populate an email field based on the employee name that is taken from a directory that user writes. Example:


Name: John Doe (user writes name)

Email: (this field auto populates with the corresponding email)


Are there any specific methods? I may be overlooking something and perhaps you guys may know something better.


Thanks in advanced.

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Yes, this is possible....


What's required is a common identifier from the form to the list containing the email address, ie the persons name. (assuming you have already created a data connection from the list to the form)?


basically -


Field on form(name) = Field in list(name)

return email address


I have used many times in the past - not a very detailed example, bit difficult to explain in writing without an example to walk through.


If need be I can create a walkthrough for you ?





I noticed your question is in relation to a infopath question I have: I'm trying to figure out how to auto populate fields based on conditions. So I have purchase order form that I'm creating where certain fields will auto populate based on what I select from a drop down box. The main condition is the supplier I choose, and what will auto populate will be the supplier's address, country, phone number, fax, the main contact, and so on. 


I attached the form for reference. I've been trying to create a rule that links to the supplier name field, where the condition is if that field contains a supplier name then "run these actions" which will display the correct address for that particular supplier. So I believe the rule type should be "Action", which then prompts the rule detail, which should be the field: which is the SupplierName field, and the value which would be the supplier's address. Although this is not displaying in the preview mode when I select the certain supplier from the drop down box.


Can you give me hand on how to do this correctly?