InfoPath form submit options

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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie to SharePoint and InfoPath forms. I recently added an email address to InfoPath form in particular stage for notifications through submit options. I saved and published the form. Does it effect all the forms which were submitted in the past or just the new ones which will be created. The user is not receiving email notifications. However, the form was created couple of months ago and it got to her stage just recently. Thanks

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@zama5616 It will take effect only for forms submitted after your made the change/edited after you made the change. Not for already submitted forms.
Note: InfoPath 2013 is supported until 2026. It will not receive any updates from MS and product is ready for sunset. 

@Bharath Arja Thanks for the reply. It means the user will get notifications only for the forms submitted/created after the change right?
In general any changes you made and published will come into play only for items created after you published/items edited after the publish.