InfoPath form fields not viewable as Sharepoint Document Library List columns

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I have created a customer database entry form with InfoPath.  In that form, I have 30 something fields and they have all successfully mapped over to my Sharepoint Document Library column list, except for two.  I was originally suspicious of the content type since they are both numbered lists in InfoPath, however, later down in the form, I have another numbered list that shows up just fine.  Any suggestions on how to add these two fields into the list columns?


Update: Just FYI, its not an issue of not seeing the column in the current view.  Under the customer view settings, the fields/columns are also not available.

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 Just figured it out.  My problem was that I needed to go through the full publishing wizard, not quick publish, add those fields in the form to be added as a library column, then update my customer view, and boom, done.  :)