Infamous "5k limit" question - do I care?




I am inquiring about the 5k item limit in doc libs. We have several department sites, one of which is for our Accounting team. Most everything is in the default Documents section, where there are several sub-folders containing ~30k items so of course, we see the following in our doc lib's settings:





I have looked online and several sources advise to either create separate doc libs within this Accounting department site and/or start using metadata and implementing indexing. I've also limited the type of sorting that's occurring in this doc lib; it's currently only sorting by name. No errors have been reported from our users as it relates to them accessing documents within these libraries, so my question is: do I really need to care a whole lot about this 5k limit error in doc lib's settings? I of course will look more into implementing metadata but that seems like an overwhelming task at this time and wondering if its even necessary given we've not experienced any issues with being over the 5k limit.


Thank you in advance for any insight, 


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Hi @morghandc - with your folders, you should be safe, unless there are more than 5k folders visible in a single click, or 5k files within 1 folder. The folders create the physical barriers for each view. 


Hi @Kelly E - Thank you for the response. We also have the Item Limit set to only display 30 items. Would that be providing some safety too?




Hi @morghandc - nope, that one won't save you. If it's 5k or more, even 30 at a time, the views break.