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I'm trying to find the setting for incremental migration in the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool. The documentation says :



If you wish to make changes to this setting, do so before your initial migration job is submitted. This setting is global; it will apply to all subsequent tasks you submit.

When this setting is on, an incremental check of the SharePoint Online target environment will be performed. Files will be evaluated as follows:


But WHERE can this setting be found when setting up the initial migration job?? It's not in the "All migration Settings" dialog. 





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@Ingeborg Hawighorst 

There is no item called incrimental migration, but there is a option here to Migrate the files created after and Migrate the files modifies after which is doing the exact incremental migration :) I agree with you, maybe it was better to put a title for this section like incrimental migration.





Thanks @Alireza Rahimifarid . I have seen these, and I'm aware how they work, but that is not the issue. 


The docu specifically mentions "this setting is global" and "when this setting is on", so there must be a way to check and set this setting. 


That is what I'm after. 

@Ingeborg Hawighorst  On the SPMT there's no setting for an Incremental copy unfortunately.


If you run a migration file copy (and choose to save the file, which'll save a .JSON formatted file, referencing things like the source and target locations, the library name/s and any folder & subfolder names) the next time you go back in to the migration, it'll give you the option for 'Run incremental' on the 'Saved Migration sessions' screen.  This is the screen directly after the blue "Welcome back" screen if you click 'Show saved migrations'.


The settings referenced is the main settings screen.

It's not hugely intuitive, so there's no direct way I know of to trigger an Incremental file copy through a setting.

By default, if you save the job, the next run will be an incremental.
Modified files will be modified. New files will copy. Renamed files will get copied, and the one it replaced will continue to exist on the destination.
The wording is as if it copied all the data again, but my successive runs are no where like the initial with the heavy load in the first seeding. "Items migrated" is in totality, not the items copied in that incremental run.
After first execution, there is no way to modify the job in hopes to only copy that which is created/modified after a certain date - it shouldn't be necessary.

As @Andrew Nee said, you could perform an incremental migration after you have completed the first execution using the Saved Migration sessions.