Incorrect information in the Modern SharePoint contact card

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Have discovered an issue with the modern contact card on SharePoint.  For many of our users, the job title shown in the contact card is displaying an historic value (see jpg below).  When we check this through Outlook/Skype/Delve, they are all showing the correct value(s).

365 profile issue.jpg





Has anyone come across this before or is this something that needs to be logged with Microsoft support?


Thanks.  Dave

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When was the job title changed? Is it for one employee or several?

Multiple employees affected.   The Job Titles are being changed frequently.


It's strange, I add a People webpart and select the employees - it displays the correct job title.  When I hover over the employee photo to bring up the contact card, the job title is different

I recommend you to open a support ticket about the issue!

@Dave Pyett 


Same problem. Did you figure this out?

@maxpetter I did


The issue was that I had a separate contact record within my Outlook for this same user which hadn't been updated for some time.  The info from the contact was being displayed, rather than the info from the SharePoint user profile.  


Once I deleted the contact record in Outlook, all started displaying correctly


@Dave Pyett 


Thanks for your quick response!


So weird. I don't have any of the contacts stored seperately in my Outlook. I'm wondering if maybe they have to login to Sharepoint first before the job title updates. Hmm..

I have the exact same issue. The details are correct within the properties of the user account and appear correct when I add the user to the web part,  but after selecting the person and re-Publishing the sharepoint page, the Job Title reverts back to a different title. Strangely it is a reverting to a former Job title from long ago.


@maxpetter. Did you ever find a solution to this?