Incorrect calculation using Dates

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Hello All,


I have a simple date calculation that is showing incorrect.

I need the time in days/hours/mins between two date/time fields

Both dates are calculated using utcNow() in flow.

I've have added the calculated column and the output on sharepoint list


Please see attached..Thank you for your time.

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Hi @DairyG1,


You need to calculate days between two dates with DATEDIF function.

Here is my example, check that column names are correct.


=CONCATENATE(DATEDIF([EDT Assigned Date],[SC Submitted Date],"d"),":",TEXT([EDT Assigned Date]-[SC Submitted Date],"hh:mm"))





@Matti_Paukkonen - Thank you, This looks good, much appreciated.

some entries in the list are coming out with Name? and some entries are working fine..Any ideas?