Incoming e-mail settings not visible.

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Is there a way to enable "Incoming e-mail settings" in SharePoint Online?  I basically want to create a calculated column using some email columns, but currently don't see any of those email columns and I do not see the settings in the library settings. 

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I think that incoming emails for a document library are no longer available in SharePoint Online.

But you can have the same effect using a flow

OOTB this is not possible and for SharePoint Online there are only indirect methods.
a. Via shared mailbox in Office 365 combined with a Power Automate flow (as Sven proposed)
b. Use Teams
This allows sending emails to an email address associated with one the Teams' channels. The emails are stored in a separate folder (per month) in eml format and the attachments are automatically saved as separate files. Note: this will not capture email metadata such as sent date into SharePoint columns.
c. Use 3rd party apps (see
Some of these apps are browser-based and automatically extract the email metadata (Subject, sent date, ...) when emails are uploaded.


Hi, @Spawn1 To enable incoming email settings in SharePoint Online: 1-Verify your domain 2-Go to SharePoint admin center > Settings > Incoming email. 3-Enable incoming email and specify the email server display address. 4-Choose whether to store attachments or save them as links. 5-Configure incoming email settings for the desired list or library in the SharePoint site.