Include data from Lookup Field in a Calculated Field in Modern SharePoint

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I used to use a SharePoint Designer Workflow to include data from a Lookup Field in a Calculated Field. With Modern SharePoint, what is the method I should use to include data from a Lookup Field in a Calculated Field or is there a completely different method I should use to combine data from a Lookup field with another Text Field in a new Field where I can display them as one data set? I cant find anything that discusses new methods using Modern SharePoint. I can only find the Workflow method from Classic SharePoint but I cant use SP Designer anymore so that wont work.
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This isn't going to work with a calculated column. Any chance you can use Power Automate?

@PamDeGraffenreid I have Power Automate Available to me but havent been tried using it yet.  What I am basically trying to do is use a Full Name field from a different list (I get access to the Full Name via a Lookup Field) in a Leave-Travel Calendar I am creating so i can combine the Full Name field with the Event Type (Leave or Travel) so they can appear on the Monthly Calendar like this "John Smith - Travel (Alexandria, VA)".   The Location field automatically shows on the Calendar so I only need a way to combine the Full Name and the Event Type.  I have tried researching an easy solution knowing it should be easy in Modern SharePoint but I cant find one and I dont have time to take a full course in all of the new tools because I need to solve this ASAP.  I hope this makes sense.

I understand. There isn't an out of the box way to do this - you need a workflow (Power Automate or SPD 2013), or you might be able to use JSON formatting setValue that would combine the location and lookup value [$lookupcolumn.lookupValue].