Importing SharePoint Classic View Microsoft List into MS Teams

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We have a 'classic view' SharePoint Microsoft List built into our Microsoft Project Web App (PWA) system - the classic view cannot be changed due to how the system has been built, and the lists are part of individual 'project sites' within the overall PWA system.


I have tried multiple ways to add this MS List to a tab in Microsoft Teams however I can't get this to work properly, I have tried using the website app and lists app and SharePoint app - the columns are formatted correctly and I can't work out why particularly data isn't working. 


Is there a better MS teams App to use for adding a SharePoint list to MS teams or is there some sort of incompatibility between SharePoint classic view and importing into MS teams? 



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HI @pigsinblankets;


you could try to take the url of your list and append "?isdlg=1" to that....
That should remove the header an navigation and focus on the content..


Now embed that url in a simple "Website" tab in teams.

There is also a "Project App for teams". I don't have access to a Project installation, so i can't test that, but perhaps that app could solve your problem.

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