Importing partial data into a custom Sharepoint Online list

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I am looking to see if there are any OOTB/no code solutions for the following. 


I have a custom list that was built for the purposes of auditing a file.  The custom list has about 10 questions that are single lines of text (indicative data from the source system) then follows yup with about 20 choice questions about how the file was handled.


The associates are looking to not have to key in the indicative data to save time. Is there anyway I can upload data into those first 10 fields, (which is creating new items) but keep the remaining 20 choice questions. 


We currently moving from on-prem 2013 to online - so i thought maybe I could park an export of the list in a sp online document library on the same site and update the list in excel and it would sync back to the list - but that didnt work - guess a girl can dream.  


Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this, and if its even possible would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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@DonnaJ415 : try quick edit mode and paste data from excel.