Importing formatted text from excel to SharePoint Online

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Morning all,


I'm helping deliver a project using MS SharePoint and PowerApps, for the benefit of locating structured information easily.  As this forum will appreciate, a fundamental aspect is the 'Data'.


The data in question is large by size (c. 1000 rows of data) with the majority of text formatted using "Strikethrough" and "Underline". I believe this is known as Rich Text and the project must retain this capability.


When we import the above file into SharePoint, all formatting is lost and only plain text is imported? I know SP online supports formatted (rich) text, as this features exists plus I've added formatted text to an existing list.


Appreciate ideas as how best to proceed from a technical perspective. Is there a plug-in of some kind? Has a member of this forum faced a similar problem in the past?


Thanks in advance,


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@SPMatt Strikethrough is not supported in a modern SharePoint site, you would need to be using classic. Underline is supported for rich text multi lines of text columns.


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Thanks RobElliott.

Any advice how we could overcome this issue, in addition to using "classic" SP? We've been able to import a single record, with the formatting (underline & strikethrough) but when attempting to upload a file, all the formatting is lost?

The key question is why does the solution support a single entry, but revert to plain text when importing a file? This I can't answer at the minute and seeking work arounds, if any.

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Hey Matt,


Were you able to resolve this issue?  If so, any guidance on how you resolved it.  I have a similar problem, and it will be a nightmare to have to format a few thousand rows, one row one cell at a time.  My issue is with bolding and fonts.




Hi @JustinC81 - I'm afraid not with regards to native SharePoint. Regards, Matt