Importing Excel with multiple tabs as a list

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I have a excel sheet with multiple tabs. I want to import all the tabs in my list. Is there a way to do this?

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When creating a Microsoft list in SharePoint Online, you can save time by importing an existing Excel spreadsheet. 

This method converts the table headings to columns in the list, and the rest of the data is imported as list items.

However, this method only allows you to import one sheet at a time.


If you have multiple sheets in your Excel file that you want to import into a single SharePoint list, you will need to combine the data from all sheets into a single sheet before importing it into SharePoint.

Alternatively, you could use Power Automate to automate the process of importing data from multiple sheets in an Excel file into a SharePoint list.



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@Sonyat810 I don't think you will be able to import all tabs in a single list using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.


You will have to combine the data from all the tabs into single tab/sheet table and then import it into SharePoint. OR you will have to use custom solution using SPFx or PowerShell or Power Automate.

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