Imported list template error message: This item might not exist or is no longer available


Good Day all,


I have been having issues when moving a custom list template exported from one site collection and importing it on another. When I successfully import the list template, I am able to see the number of list items present in the list on the Site Contents page:




Note that, this list has many calculated fields and SharePoint Designer workflows that are attached to the list and are responsible for updating data in particular columns of this list. Are these possible reasons as to why I am getting the following error:




I had checked the permissions on the list and it inherits permissions from the site collection just like every other list. I also imported the template with my administrator account and was still unable to view the data that was exported within the list template from the other site collection. I only see the same image above. 


Can someone offer assistance on this please? Thank you very much!

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@Yarrah Could you please confirm the following Feature is enabled 



If not please enable the same. I will suggest if this does not work Try with a simple list with couple of Single line of Text column and see the import works as expected. If that works check for the dependency you might be missing for the list and need to understand what is the issue of the list.

Hello @Vikram_Samal ,

Thank you for your reply. The "Team Collaboration Lists" Feature is enabled and has been enabled all this time. I failed to mention that I have indeed exported other simple lists as templates and they have been successfully imported to the new site collection without any issues at all.


The problem seems to be this particular list, where the difference between this list and the others is what I mentioned before that, there are numerous calculated columns and SharePoint Designer workflows that are responsible for updating data in particular columns.


Would you be able to confirm if these aspects affect list imports in SharePoint Online? Because I have worked tirelessly in the creation of lists such as these, to just now realize that SharePoint Online doesn't support moving lists such as these from site to site...


Thank you very much!

is there a solution to this. I experienced it today on SharePoint online?