Import Excel to Sharepoint List *with choices*

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I have a large table I want to import from an Excel table. Most of the columns should be "Choice" types with Yes/No/NA options. I can import the table successfully, but it appears I have to change the column type for each column manually to "Choice" and also manually edit the options. Is there a way to import this information from the Excel table or is there a way to automate the input of the choice options?

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@vanme55 when you select New list and From Excel,  once you upload your list you will presented with a "preview" where you confirm the data type. By default it is Single line of text, so for each of your choice columns just change it to Choice and it will preserve the choice options from the Excel column for existing items and will allow you to select the choice for new items.



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I wanted to comment that I have the same issue and I think the other reply doesn't actually understand the problem at hand.

The problem is that if you have an Excel table pre-populated with data and you create a list from this table, the pre-existing values in a column that was imported as the "Choice" type land in a sort of super-position.

The reason I say it's in a super position is because if you add a new item to the list, the pre-existing values for the choices *do* show up. But if you go to *edit* a column you cannot edit the column because no choices are present. It's a really clunky interface and I'm not sure how this got past QA testing at Microsoft.

The import of all the columns is definitely a bit annoying too, though in my case I don't have many columns to work with. You have to drop-down each column from the excel table and select the type as "Choice". This interface would be improved if there were a way to bulk-edit columns to be imported by say, using checkboxes to select multiple (and/or ranges) of columns and set the type at once across all.