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We have been waiting for several months now in seeing the new option for creating a New List from an existing Excel spreadsheet.  This feature was due last July and although the site contents page shows the new UI option with the choice of using an existing SharePoint list to create a new one for example, we do not see the choice for creating the new list from Excel.  We seen screenshots on Microsoft sources for example , we still don't have this option available and we have 3 different tenants.  Any information on this is appreciated.

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@JMB125I am not familiar with the exact feature you are referencing, with a particular UI, but the functionality to create a new SharePoint List from an Excel Spreadsheet already exists. You can take an Excel sheet, select the necessary information, and then convert that information into a Table (Insert Tab), then export that Table to a SharePoint List (Design Tab).


More information available at this link:


Apologies if you are looking for a different or more up to date functionality.

I have seen this issue and it's not clear to me why it works like you have by chance an Excel file stored in the site...when I used this feature with success I had at least a Excel file stored in the site
The excel import feature was pushed to production and removed shortly after a month or so ago. I’m assuming they found some show stopping defect and have to fix it and put it back through the testing rings before being added back.
Who knows, another example of silently reomve something that was working before without any explanation

Thanks, yes I have excel files in libraries but that still does not make the excel option appear in the UI