Image Tags shows deployed in the Roadmap. Not showing in our tenant

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Just checking on Image Tag availability.  The last update was end of May for availability MC272451.  It's not showing in our GCC tenant yet and were well into June.  The Roadmap has it GA last February - ID 88708.  

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We have exactly the same here, we are tracking the changes in our backlog to be informed about changes and here we just don't see any change of the behavior even if it should be in GA... Would be interesting, if others have the same problem as well.

Starting to see bits and pieces. I'm seeing changes in the Communication Sites, but not yet Team Sites. Also, encouraged to see the option for "no versions" on the library for images which will assist with storage concerns. With versions turned on, the Image Tag update will drive a new version, and subsequently the addition of the storage used by a version. (e.g., a 30MB image will now take up 60MB with an updated image tag.)