Image Gallery with Carousel and auto-cycle through images

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Is it just me or has this been in targeted release forever?  GCC tenant still cannot auto-cycle through images. Nothing in the roadmap on it and it's frequently requested.  Any update?

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Yes this is taking to long. When does it set to standard release?



Does anyone have a release date for this please?
I need to use an automated image carousel on my company intranet homepage and its a big feature of the page and if its not automated it won't look good.
Does anyone have any ideas ?
So, any updates on this? It's been 6 months since this post. No response and still not working. Thanks.

Is this going to happen?

Someone asked this in the feedback hub. I responded there. It works for me where I have preview on, but not for standard release. Poked the bear...again.
Apparently, it's working now. I've confirmed in general release on a GCC client's tenant.