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I have a SharePoint list that I have been using for probably 2 or 3 years.

It is an Image Column.

Typically when I add the url to the picture in the list int he column it shows the picture.  For some reason when I checked today it is showing the url instead of the image, even though nothing has changed, the column is still set as an image column?  Did microsoft break something again with SharePoint?


Anything I can do to get it to show the image again?





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@Mattw112 it's working on my lists. As a check, go to your list settings and make sure the "Format url as" is showing as Image and that someone hasn't changed it to hyperlink.



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Hi @Mattw112  i'm seeing the same behavior on my SharePoint list.


My guess is, Microsoft changed the the column type to url only





and added a new column type image:



A bummer for me, because now i have to recreate all the images in my lists. :sad:


Update: the quality of the images is now unusable. Just a blurry mess. :cry:



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Hello @Mattw112 


you can use an column formatting on the picture column so you can show your picture instead of the url.


Try this:


"elmType": "a",
"attributes": {
"href": "@currentField",
"target": "_blank"
"children": [
"elmType": "img",
"style": {
"width": "150px"
"attributes": {
"src": "@currentField"
Regards, Dave