IF statement error but correct structure

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=IF([Control Name]="User Access Review","Access reviews for operating system level high risk accounts, application level privileged accounts and database accounts are conducted by management on a periodic basis to ensure that access is appropriate. If access is inappropriate, access modifications are made in a timely manner ",
IF([Control Name]="Access Provisioning","New application accounts, operating system level accounts and database accounts are documented and approved in accordance with policies and procedures ",
IF([Control Name]="Access Deprovisioning","Access for terminated and transfer users is removed from operating systems, applications and databases in a timely manner. Termination is defined as left the company. Transfer user is defined as transferred to another role and/or team within the company",
IF([Control Name]="Transfer User Review","Access maintained by transfer users is reviewed timely and privileges approved for removal will be removed timely after the review ",
IF([Control Name]="User Offboarding","Corporate network accounts (NTID) belong to terminated users are removed timely. Termination is defined as left the company ",
IF([Control Name]="Password Configuration","Operating Systems, Applications and databases adhere to XXXX Password Policies",
IF([Control Name]="Segregation of Duties","Adequate segregation of duties exists restricting inappropriate developer access to the production environments")))))))

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@MTekle The most likely cause of the problem is the length of the formula. I've always understood that it should have no more than 1024 characters whereas your formula has 1457.


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