IF formula error message "The formula contains a syntax error."

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Hi all.


I'm trying a very simple IF formula in a calculated column at my data list.




I tried replacing  the ; by , and not solved.

I also tried replacing IF by SE (note that my Microsoft account is in portuguese), and not solved.

I tried in another browsers, an nothing different happens.




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=IF([Monitorar]=0, 0,1)

Try using commas and remove the quotes. I think a quotes are for text, and you can’t pass text into a number column. Let me know if that works.

@valderes-squadraFrom the screenshot you attached, it looks like [Monitorar] column is of type "Date" and not "Number". Is this causing the problem here?

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The column Monitorar is a date/time field, but the calculated column is a number field and should accept either 0 or 1.  I wasn't sure that a date could equal 0, but I tested this and it works fine:


=IF([Due Date]=0,0,1)


So  today I learned a empty date field equals 0.  Good stuff!

Thanks to all for your replies. Obviouslý I forgot that numbers don't need quotes. @PamDeGraffenreid, your solution worked.