Idle session sign-out and Stay signed in option

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Dear Forum,


I hope i am putting my discussion into the correct hub.


I received a question today regarding why is my account not staying logged in when i explicitly chosen to mark the Stay signed in option when logging in to a sharepoint site. A colleague was frustrated that she has to log in every single day.


But when i checked the sharepoint settings: Idle session sign-out is turned on and signs out users after 8 hours.


So i was wondering and asking myself: Does the latter overrule the first option?

So if i choose to stay signed in does idle session sign-out actually sign me out making me have to sign in again after 8 hours(which if clock out at 5PM and come back 8AM that's more than 12 hours surpassing the 8 hour maximum)


Can someone shed some light on this scenario. Thank you in advanced.


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