Identifying changes to the term store

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Hi all,


We have just set up a term set in the term store for Skills in Delve.  It is an open set however.  If a user cannot find the skill they want, they can add it, putting the value into the term set.  I want to figure out how to identify new terms in the term set that people have added on an intermittent or real time basis.  I thought about flow, but it does not seem to be able to connect to the term store.  I also thought of PowerBI, but I cannot figure out how it could help me.  A PowerShell script is not ideal, since I cannot run it, but I am open to the option.  There are probably many ways to go with this, but the ultimate goal is just to find changes by any means necessary.  Any suggestions?

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Bueller? If I can get a script that asks for terms created from a date, what the term is, and who created it, it would be really helpful. I figure it is a script. Anyone know of something similar I could manipulate?