Identical formula in a calculated field only works in one of two identical SharePoint list

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Hi all,

I am trying this forum as our technical support is unable to help me and I have found no results when searching.

I have two SharePoint lists in SharePoint Online with identical structure. The first list (PROD list) has around 200 entries. The second list (DEV list) has been created based on the structure of the first list and has 2 entries.

In DEV I have created a calculated field with a formula evaluating content from two different columns. The column works fine and is returning the correct results.

When I try to create a calculated column with the same formula in PROD (making sure that the fields have identical names there) I get an error message (translated in DeepL):

"Unfortunately, this did not work.
The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.
Learn more about the syntax for formulas.
Run the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation troubleshooter.
Korrelations-ID: 3c8bab9f-20ac-2000-7aae-500253f2308e
Date and time: 2/15/2021 8:29:57 AM"


As the formula works in DEV, it cannot be about the syntax, right? That what options do I have to solve this? What should I suggest to our support team (they do not seem to have a clue what they should do with this)?


Thank you!




The formula I use. (Please no comments on this formula being ugly. I have tried other ways, e.g. nesting IF statements, but that did not work either.)

=WENN(UND([Net Impact (Qualitative)]="Very Low";Likelihood="Remote");"1";"")
&WENN(UND([Net Impact (Qualitative)]="Very Low";Likelihood="Possible");"3";"")
&WENN(UND([Net Impact (Qualitative)]="Very Low";Likelihood="Very Possible");"6";"")
&WENN(UND([Net Impact (Qualitative)]="Very Low";Likelihood="Probable");"6";"")
&WENN(UND([Net Impact (Qualitative)]="Very Low";Likelihood="Very Probable");"8";"")


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