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You guys all know how recruitment at organizations have all become virtual and totally different now. we have also started following this procedure now. The thing is, before when a new recruitment is done and that person comes onboard, training process was done, which was mostly in the conventional way. But that is not possible now is it? How are you guys dealing with this issue at your organizations, the training process is very important for any company right? We have tried using virtual meetings to train new recruits, but our trainers are finding it hard to manage both training and completing their tasks at the same time. So we are looking for other strategies to this training scenario. anyway we have been thinking a lot of ideas and thought it might be a great change to have a learning management system to automate the training process. We are thinking about a learning management system that can be used as a document repository, all the training related documents, compartmentalized and organized, we could upload training videos to it, and the members could take part in tests once they are finished with a course, and admins could evaluate that. We have seen some   that fit our learning management requirements. But i thought i could get some more insights on the matter, for a better strategy other than this, that some of you might be following. Do share what you think about that. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @jamiemills22  - you could use Teams, Stream,  and Forms. Create your training videos (very easy with the 'record your desktop' feature in PowerPoint, or you could use Camtasia), create quizzes with Forms and embed them as knowledge checks into the Stream videos and then add it all to Teams. That could also serve to create a bit of community where folks could introduce themselves and ask questions. You could add Power Automate and Lists to record activities and send reminders. If you already use M365, this is a low-overhead route to try. And unlike a LMS, users will use their same credentials, stay in your tenant, and you can use a variety of assets, like docs, forms, videos, chats, q&a in a way that a LMS may not. Hope that helps!

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Very good topic! Microsoft has made templates from "SharePoint lookbook", to get started on preboarding/onboarding. From that, you could add content from MS Stream, use Microsoft Lists and include Forms. There are a lot of capabilities to manage onboarding! What is more impressive, is the automation possibility with Power Automate. So that the solution, guides and helps the new employee through each step.

Microsoft 365 packs all the tools and services you are looking for, plus more



Know of any step by step tutorials on exactly how to go about that?

None that I am familiar with. However, I could create a tutorial in Youtube if you would like. :)

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