I need help checking my files

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 My company needs to check a client's sharepoint folders to see if any files have been corrupted. Currently I need to go into each folder and open a .doc, .xls or pdf one by one.


 I recently discovered that I can view folders in mosaic mode and this allows me to see a preview of the documents in thumbnails, this has helped me a lot, because if SharePoint shows me a preview of the document I already know that it is 100% and I don't need to open it to to check.


Is there any quick and practical way for me to know if the documents saved in SharePoint are not corrupted?

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Checking SharePoint files for corruption can become more efficient than manually opening each one. Leveraging the mosaic mode for quick visual checks through thumbnails is a clever approach. It allows for swift identification of potentially intact documents without the need to open them.

Automating this process can save time. Although it may require some initial setup, scripting can streamline checks across folders. A PowerShell script, for example, could automatically loop through files and mark any that fail to open, indicating possible corruption. While SharePoint doesn't directly offer tools for file corruption checks, monitoring SharePoint health reports can provide indirect insights into system-wide issues that might impact file integrity. Third-party tools specifically designed for SharePoint can offer robust solutions for scanning and managing files, including detecting and addressing corruption.

Educating your team on best practices for file management in SharePoint is also key. Proper handling reduces the risk of corruption. Coupled with regular backups, this strategy ensures you have a fallback in case of any issues. Thus, moving beyond manual file checks to more automated or tool-supported methods can significantly enhance efficiency and reliability in maintaining file integrity within SharePoint.