I need advice on how I can best view multiple documents one after the other

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Hello everyone 


Hope you can help me, apologies if this question is the wrong discussion..


I lead a talent team and I need to review 100's of CVs for multiple roles, currently, the CV's are downloaded, mixed format, word/pdf's. 


My issue is that this process is incredibly time-consuming, ideally, I want to be able to toggle through each document - similar to Linkedin when you open a list and just work your way through it if that is familiar to anyone. 


Either the above or automated opening, when you close one the next one opens....


Does anyone have any ideas? 




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@johnb40 with all the documents in a SharePoint document library you can then build a document viewer app in Power Apps and it will display it whether it's a pdf, word, excel etc. See this example video.


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My initial response would be to simply select multiple items, view one of them and then simply use next / previous links to view other files. Looks like this is no longer available in the modern view.
We use a custom app that shows links for the previous and next items so one can easily view many files. We can also navigate back and forth using the keyboard left/right arrows.
It puzzles me why this basic functionality requires the use of Power Apps or custom apps.