I cannot find the Wiki Page Library app on the SharePoint Store

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Hi,  I am the SharePoint administrator in our organization, we are looking to create wikis for different departments, but I am really confused as to why I cannot find the wiki page library app that every guide points to?


I've also tried adding it via site contents > and then setting the template to "publishing" under enterprise, no luck there either. I thought it may be a permissions issue but as the SharePoint Admin I have no clue what it could be.







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@Noah_990 Microsoft's wiki offering in SharePoint was always terrible compared to professional wiki platforms, and it's not available at all in modern SharePoint. Have a look at https://steveknutson.blog/2021/08/23/create-a-modern-sharepoint-wiki/ for how you can do it with templates, metadata etc.


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@RobElliott Hi Rob, thanks for that clarification. Its just one thing I struggle to understand is every guide on the topic, including the documentation in Microsoft's knowledge base makes mention of a Wiki Page Library app that is supposedly available from the Sharepoint store, however when I go into the store there is no such app that I can see. I doubt it is a role issue as I am global & sharepoint admin.





Just need to turn on 'Wiki Page Home Page' feature from site features. It will show up when you add an app from site contents:

Go to: Site Settings > Site Actions > Manage site features > Wiki Page Home Page (Activate this)