I cannot access a Group site as a Sharepoint Admin?




I am curious to know, I am a Sharepoint administrator and oversee all the different site collections(add site collector admins, add storage to a site, etc.). I have access to these sites, however I don't have access to Groups, which essentially is a Sharepoint site as well. What happens is that I see the "Request Access" page. Is there a setting that would allow me such permission or do I need to be global admin in order for me to access Group sites without having to ask for permission as an admin?


Thank you in advanced! 

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And this is correct...if you are not a site collection admin in those sites, you are not going to have the same access
Just use Poweshell to add yourself as a site collection admin to that site collection, then you'll be able to access it.
so it has nothing to do with me being a sharepoint admin? I have access to all sites by defaults, but not Groups
Correct...so as Ryan mention, you can grant yourself as a Site Collection admin by means of PowerShell
Think of it like distinguishing administrative access and "content" access to a site.

@Jonathan Nunez Isn't it the most ridiculous thing Microsoft has done? This is just a joke. Someone pls tell me a reason why is it good for anybody?