Hyperlink in Excel with Sharepoint documents.

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In our company, some users use Excel files with a hyperlink to other Excel files or cells of Excel files. Our users use OneDrive to synchronize libraries, so the (Excel) files are directly in OneDrive. If they open a Excel file from the Sharepoint Explorer, and they create a new link to another Excel file, the link will be like: C:\Users\Test\etc\etc, This is not right, because it is creating a local link and it should be: https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/folder/etc/etc. If another user click on the hyperlink, it will try to connect to the local link of the user who set the link.


How can I ensure that I link to an online file instead of a local file?

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We had this issue and found this is happening only some times if you go back and open some of your files you probably notice some of them has the web path instead of local path.

Here is the solution, they just need to wait until Excel shows Saved, if they close the file in Saving mode local path will be saved.



Also user need to wait until they see the green check mark on their Synced file before reopening the file.

Hope this resolve your issue :) 



@Alireza Rahimifarid Thanks for your reply. Strange that when I try to link a recent file, it always takes the web path. As you can see on the screenshots below. screenshot2.jpgscreenshot3.jpg


Great, sounds like files saved correctly now :)

Glad it worked.



@Alireza Rahimifarid Correctly saved or not, the strange thing is that at recent files, it always follows the web path. The problem is, when I search in the Explorer, select a file to link to, it always takes the local path. To avoid this, I can open a file, so it's shown in recent files, and link it that way. But that is not the way our customers wants to work. 

@ArjanSystra we continue to have this issue. Sharepoint online hyperlinks saved in an excel document do not remain absolute. When saving the excel file to another SharePoint online library or downloading it, the URL path changes to the local library location breaking the hyperlinks.