Hub Visitors not replicating permissions to spoke sites

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My Hub Visitors group is not replicating to the other spoke sites on the hub. I have updated via the actual permissions panel and by the quick permissions setting panel "Hub Permissions". All of my sites are set to sync these users.


Not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue or is aware of a delay? 

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@Janice Headrick Hub Permissions can take 4 hours to reflect on the associated sites.  

Are you seeing your permissions sync'd yet?

@Beau Cameron - Yes - I now see my users sync'ed. Since it was a "wait overnight" I am going to time it today to see if it is 4 hours or less.


Thank you - I couldn't find that sync time frame.

@Janice Headrick @Beau Cameron Hi, is there any official document mentioning about the permission sync' latency?

Couldn't find it


I have this issue, but it's not my solution. I am trying to figure out if there is a bug or is this is related...The hubsite group is 100% in the advanced permissions list for the spoke site. Everyone in tenant read is assigned and confirmed in the hubsite permissions group in the owner tweaking going on. But I am getting access requests for people in the tenant who are not guests!?! Often they are able to access one day and not the next. My hack of a fix is to add everyone read to the 365 visitor group in the site....defeating the whole sync to hub permissions thing. What could be happening? Things tried: refreshing hub sync in the spoke site and waiting a week, refreshing the hub sync from the hub site and waiting it out.

Hi @Beau Cameron, is the four hours based on your personal experience or where did you get that particular number from?  I just need to know if I can rely on that exact number as a maximum.

The question you asked is very good. I have researched this and your instructions are very important to me. I will contact you here if I need further instructions