Hub Sites, Team Sites and Site Columns

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I have created a Hub Site.


I have created a Team Site.


I have registered the Team Site with the Hub Site.


I have created a series of site columns with the Hub Site.


However, the Site Columns have not flowed down from the Hub Site to the Team Site just like site collections / sites and SubSites. ?


Should they ?  If they, then what have I not done ?





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No, that is not a feature that is available yet.

Thanks Susan


Is it on the Road Map ?

They haven't annouced any new features with Hub Sites yet. May 21 or whatever SPC is, is where we will probably get some roadmap items for the next 6 months.

These new Hub sites, have nothing to do with the similarly named Content Type Hub sites (its just another example of naming challenges) which is the only out-of-the-box way to get site columns copied to multiple site collections. @Sean Squires has stated that they are working on improving the Content Type publishing story and how that fits into these new Hub sites remains to be seen. 

That's really a question for Microsoft, but I know that the fantastic team working on hub sites is aware of this outcome as something that is desired for hub sites. Microsoft has been very clear that what has been released so far is just a start so I know we can expect more features.

Good luck. Modern SP is about tweeting and connecting to Facebook via Flow, not document management.

Hi @Nigel Price 

You need to make sure you create site designs  that include things like your content types and site columns.  Generally you incorporate the site design when the site is first created/provisioned.  However, you should be able to apply site designs after the event via the Site designs option under settings

i.e. choose Settings (cog icon) > Site designs. 

If a site design has been applied it should be listed in this area.  If not, choose the 'available site designs' link, where you will find a drop down control with a list of your available site designs that you can choose to apply.  Note if you haven't created any site designs your list will probably be empty.

For more information see the documentation article - SharePoint site design and site script overview

Fabian Ackeret has also written a blog post SharePoint Modern Content Type and Term store 

that you might find of interest


Nope. No "Site Designs" label in my settings icon! Surprise!!! Another msft gotcha. You can create site columns galore but spend another week trying to figure out how to get them to propagate to other sites.
It's not worth the hassle. I'll just recreate it new like wayyyy back in 2003. Almost 20 years later and this is still a point of contention.
Ok, so going on 2022 and I still dont see anything "informative" of "intuitive to use a hub site's site column. Guess that team went for an extended coffee break?
April 2023 and counting :(((((((

@Carl_Williams The ability to scope a content type to a hub is available with Microsoft Syntex. See: Push content types to a hub - Microsoft Syntex | Microsoft Learn