Hub Sites and Team Sites - content not aggregating

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When I create a Hub Site and link a Team site with it I am able to see the content aggregated at the Hub Site, so I know that in general this works as expected.


However, when I create a Teams site using the /teams location rather than /sites, whilst I am still able to link the Teams site to the Hub, there is no aggregation of content from the News or Events Web Parts. If I change the config of these Web Parts, on the hub site page, to specifically select the Teams site, it is not shown and cannot be found using the search bar.


This leaves me with several questions:

  1. Is this a known bug or feature of SharePoint Online Hub Site behaviour?
  2. Should we stop using the "/teams" location within SharePoint Online and just set up all sites under "/sites"?
  3. Is there a workaround, or do I need to scrap the Teams site and rebuild it?
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So the /Teams sites and the /Sites are the URL types and locations as you mentioned but in order to properly work you need to make both the HUB sites and the Site associated with HUB the same URL/location type as you mention doing it as /teams work so you need to do the same for Hub sites /sites and the site associated with it should be /sites too.

if using /Teams need to use the same if using /Sites needs to use the same for both the Hub site and the sited.

the sites connected to M365 by default gets /Sites url.

@PDostiyar ,

Thanks for your input. That's the conclusion that I had reached, but this is clearly a bug, as that should not be a restriction. A site connected to a Hub should be visible to the web parts, regardless of the URL. The way it currently works has the potential to completely break the intended functionality if organisations follow Microsoft's guidelines for creating Teams using the /teams & /Sites for Communication sites.


Anyway, I've raised this as a support ticket with MS Premier Support, on behalf of the client that I'm working with, so I'll see what sort of response I get.

Great, so update us here on how it goes maybe there will be a simple solution for it that the community will learn about it.