Hub site with many connected collaboration sites - how to get one consolidate list

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I have a hub site that is connected to many collaboration sites. The hub site is for the "parent agency" and the connected sites are "provider agencies". In the end I would like each provider agency to enter all folks that work for them in a staff roster. Ultimately I would like the consolidated staff roster to roll up to the hub/parent site, yet each provider agency only seeing their staff. I am not sure if this is possible in SharePoint modern site.

Would the list live on the parent/hub site and then filtered by provider on the connected sites, or would the list live on each provider connected site and roll up to the parent/hub?

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Hello @Annette1101 


yes, you can do that.


A possible solution for you:

- The lists are stored in the each site

> Agancy owner and members can add your own informations

> Agency owner and members can see this elements in a rollup


- Rollup on parent site with search, it's security trimmed and someone with access to the list can only see

1. With highlighted content webpart (but you can change the visuals)

2. Better: User the PnP Modern Search WebParts for a custom visualization:


Regards, Dave