Hub site navigation isn't launching links

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Over the last 48 hours, users have reported that links on our Hub navigation are not launching. It seems to happen randomly for various browsers and users, and temporarily resolves itself with a page refresh. (But often returns after a future reload).


It will often impact only part of the nav bar, and the area impacted will change after refreshing. 


Even for the impacted links, the "url preview" still seems to display in the bottom of the browser-- it just isn't launching the page.


I inspected the code for both functioning and non-functioning links at the element level. They appear to be identical. 


Is anyone else experiencing this? We're using the Mega Menu.

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We had this issue and this is how we resolved it. 

Simply add another menu and save, wait for a minute, and then remove the menu.

Please try and let me know if it's resolved your issue :)




@Alireza Rahimifarid  Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, this did not appear to work for us. I waited about 10 minutes between adding the new item and then deleting it. 


Then, I would recommend submitting a support ticket