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Hello all, 


I have been experimenting with hub sites and do not see the logo from my hub site updating on the associated site. I created a team site not associated with an M365 group, and then I created a Communications site both as hubs. Then I associated my hubs with various other team sites to find out what does / does not update on associated sites. While the theme changed on the associated sites, the site logo did not change. 


Any ideas why this would happen? I performed these tests today. Does it take time for the logo to update? 


Thanks in advance! 

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@KCRyan37 I don't think site logo is inherited from hub site to associated sites.


You can have different site logo on hub site and associated sites.


After a SharePoint Administrator gives a site owner permission to associate their sites with a hub site, the site owner can then choose to associate the sites with the hub. When they do, the site inherits the hub site theme and shared navigation. Content from their site will roll up to the hub site in web parts where the source is "all sites in the hub," and the site will be included in the hub site search scope.


DocumentationPlanning your SharePoint hub sites - Association 

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Hi @KCRyan37,


The logo of the Hub site is not synced with the associated site.


Why? Here is an example of a use case:

You have a Hub site Intranet, and you have associated all departments of your organization with this hub. Each department has is own logo (HR, IT, Finances, etc.)


What is "synced" between the hub site and an associated site:

- Hub site navigation (shared navigation:( a common navigation bar located at the top of all sites

- Theme

- Hub Visitors: you can sync hub permissions to associated sites (limit of 10 groups/users visitors only)


One other purpose of the HUB sites is to capitalize/merge the Search content from all the associated sites. In this case, you can use the OOTB Web Part to display the content of the Hub and all associated sites:

Hoping this information will help you :)