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I noticed today that finally in our tenant we have the new workflow feature for approving a site to join a Hub Site.   My question is how can we test this out or what conditions allow in testing this out.  I have users who are part of the a site owners group (not site collection admins) but they cannot see the Hub Site as a choice from the Edit Site Information Section/Pane.  Is there some time we need to wait, since Site Owners could now also initiate a hub site association.  Thanks for any suggestions. 

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@JMB125 I had to ask our IT to enable a specific site as Hub site in the SP admin section. After that I was able to add sites underneath this Hub site myself. Not sure if this is a setting in SP admin to enable it for non-admin users.

Thank you for the quick response, yes I have taken a look at those links thanks again. I am still trying to understand how to initiate the Power Automate flow for approval. I was hoping the hub site would show as a choice on my sharepoint online site but its not coming up. How would an individual site owner (not site collection admin) trigger a request for having a site join the hub?