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I am developing a SharePoint intranet site that I registered as a hub site. After that, I wanted to replace the root site with this newly developed site and I unregistered the hub site as it is required to replace the root site. That worked out fine.

After that some issue occurred when I wanted to register the site we developed as a hub. The old hub registration seemed to be still present. I used PowerShell to remove the registration (Re: Removed Hub Site still display as Hub Site - Microsoft Tech Community). 

After that I can reregister the site as a hub site. However, the old hub navigation is still there. Now using the Extended header, the hub site navigation is showing up at the location where normally the site navigation would be.



Tried unregister and register the site as a hub but the navigation is not showing at the right location no matter what I do. Any suggestions on how I can delete de old menu? Clearing al the items does not work.

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We were at the point of considering doing this and were worried about this exact topic based on what we saw in our dev environment. We'll be interested to follow this thread to see what is suggested as a solution.
Running into the same issue. I am considering opening a ticket. I found that enabling the site navigation and setting header back to normal or compact, then setting header back to extended, it fixes for a moment, then reverts back to displaying hub nav in the local horizontal site nav. Not sure if need to a run another Powershell script to fix the issue.

@dskinner I am still in contact with Microsoft Support, but it takes a while to get a solution. Today I have an appointment with the assigned support agent. Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. I''ll keep you posted.

@stevenam Did you get a resolution to this?  We're getting this issue too!

Figured out the circumstances to reproduce the issue. It only happens when the header layout is set to Extended and the site itself is configured as the 'Home Site'.