wants to open this application. SharePoint Online'm%20the%20only%20one%20noticing%20this%20because%20I%20can't%20find%20ANYTHING%20on%20the%20web.%20So%20when%20I%20select%20%22Open%20in%20Desktop%20App%22%20from%20an%20office%20online%20file%20while%20using%20Chrome...I%20get%20this%20window%3A%3C's%20the%20deal%3F%20Anyone%3F%3C%2FP%3E%3C%2FLINGO-BODY%3E%3CLINGO-LABS%20't%20open%20anymore%20Office%20files%20(Excel%2C%20Word)%20in%20the%20Desktop-App%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3ESystem%20keeps%20asking%20me%20to%20log%20in%20but%20that%20has%20no%20succes%20other%20than%20a%20%22no%20access%22%20of%20%22can'

Apparently I'm the only one noticing this because I can't find ANYTHING on the web. So when I select "Open in Desktop App" from an office online file while using Chrome...I get this window:



End users are wondering how to bypass this. What's the deal? Anyone?

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@Michael Malloy 

I am having the same problem.  Just started today.  Hadnt had any problem in the past.  And when I try to log in with my credentials; it says Im already logged on on this pc.  I can get the files to open into word desktop app.


since this week I also have the issue that I can't open anymore Office files (Excel, Word) in the Desktop-App

System keeps asking me to log in but that has no succes other than a "no access" of "can't find the file"

Who knows what is going on. for me there is the link mentioned as the one that wants to open Word Desktop -app

Just today I had an end user report this, except for us we're getting I'd love to know what causes this!