wants to open this application. SharePoint Online

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Apparently I'm the only one noticing this because I can't find ANYTHING on the web. So when I select "Open in Desktop App" from an office online file while using Chrome...I get this window:



End users are wondering how to bypass this. What's the deal? Anyone?

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@Michael Malloy 

I am having the same problem.  Just started today.  Hadnt had any problem in the past.  And when I try to log in with my credentials; it says Im already logged on on this pc.  I can get the files to open into word desktop app.


since this week I also have the issue that I can't open anymore Office files (Excel, Word) in the Desktop-App

System keeps asking me to log in but that has no succes other than a "no access" of "can't find the file"

Who knows what is going on. for me there is the link mentioned as the one that wants to open Word Desktop -app

Just today I had an end user report this, except for us we're getting I'd love to know what causes this!

All through the night, Outlook online kept initiating contact with my computer.  This is what kept showing up:  What is this?

@Michael Malloy

je n arrive plus à lire mes contenus de dossier excel ou word  que j ai enregistre 


“”? I am receiving this and I am unable to save to my docs and desktop. Have you found an answer?