How we can allow our CEO to have access to all the MS Teams and SharePoint sites

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As i know only office 365 admin can view all the MS Teams and SharePoint sites, but we received a request to allow a CEO to view all the SharePoint sites and MS Teams. so can we do so without defining the user as Office 365? as the CEO is not an IT person and granting him this permission will open the farm to unexpected modifications . now i can manually grant him Read permission on all the current SharePoint and MS Teams, but any future MS Teams and SharePoint site will have to be manually managed to add the CEO which will be a tedious task. any advice?

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Hi @john john,

Kindly provide more details on what all features/details would your CEO specifically like to see / access? Eg. - Dashboards/Reports on MS Teams / SharePoint Usage Metrics?

Would recommend you to consider creating dedicated spaces [SharePoint Site / Pages or MS Teams Personal App Tabs or Team Tabs] to aggregate / publish the required details to your CEO.


@john johnFor your SharePoint there is two suggestions;


either adding him to SharePoint Global Administrator which by default he will have access to any SharePoint, and Team sites or you can add him to Global Reader which give the user more access on Microsoft 365 products it is same like Global Administrator but only it has read writs he can see all the Teams, Emails, groups, and SharePoint.


here are all the Roles for Microsoft 365 and Azure


I hope that works for your solution....

@Swaminathan Sriramthe CEO want to view all the SharePoint sites and MS Teams

@PDostiyari think adding him as the SharePoint global admin will also have the risk of modifying some settings and breaking the sites, so this option will not work for us...


Now i did not know that i can have a Global Reader, seems Global reader is more suitable so the CEO can view everything (SharePoint sites, settings, MS teams) but can not modify it, unless he was explicitly granted the permission to do so,, is this correct?

@john johnYes this is correct he will only have view access to all of these following as read-only if he wants to make any changes to a specific SharePoint site he needs to have other permission like Contributor, Editor, Owner, etc to that SharePoint site or Sites...


Microsoft 365 admin center, Exchange admin center, Teams admin center, Security center, Compliance center, Azure AD admin center, and Device Management admin center.


@Swaminathan SriramPlease give a try to Global Reader that may help with your case and let us know!

Yes, Global Reader Role would be the perfect fit here. And @John John, you may want to also consider categorizing and publishing links and aggregating the required details which your CEO would want to see across MS Teams and SharePoint Sites in your solution which would help your CEO in easily navigating and connecting to the different key areas of MS Teams and SharePoint services since you had mentioned that your CEO is not an IT person.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Swaminathan Sriram 

I have the same request from @john john but the role Global Reader allow the user to reach the admin section of Office365 not the content of the Sharepoint Site (file, folder, Channel teams  etc...).

Thanks for your help