How to use the new FORMS experience in Microsoft Lists [SharePoint]


Are you looking for an efficient and streamlined way to collect information remotely?

Check out the new FORMS experience from Microsoft.

With the ability to create Lists forms that can be easily shared via a link, recipients can focus on filling out the form without seeing your full list.

Plus, all submitted responses appear immediately as new list items that list collaborators can see and refine.

With Microsoft Lists, list owners and collaborators with permission to edit the list can collect information on their lists with these updated Lists forms. Check out this tutorial video to learn more about

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@Giuliano De Luca good video, thanks. You didn't actually answer your own question about whether it signals the end for Microsoft Forms. My view is that it doesn't yet as there are still one or two features in the Forms web application that aren't in the List forms, for example collections, group forms and date/time to close a form. But if these are ever introduced to List forms then the need for a standalone Microsoft Forms app will inevitably reduce.


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@Rob_Elliott Thanks for watching and providing your feedback.

Actually my idea was to arouse interest in answering the question themselves.

I would say that another thing missing is the possibility of sharing the link outside the organization but I believe that in that case it would be the final blow to witness a complete transition also taking into account your observations.

Also ,the branching feature would need to be added. They need to start somewhere, so I agree after they do that, Microsoft Forms would not be needed or instead of saving to an excel file on your OneDrive, it would the be the intake/front end of a List on your OneDrive.

@Giuliano De Luca 

from a support perspective, how can we find which List is a form linked to?

For example, someone might embed a form or forms on a Sharepoint page and this is not documented anywhere how can the admins or support teams figure out which list is the form(s) linked to?

This feature has just been released and I'm afraid that the only way to check where the form is linked is to create a custom solution.
Maybe Microsoft will provide more support with the Graph API in the future
this would be a problem from a support perspective if MS doesn't give an option for admins to somehow figure which forms belongs to which List.
Currently the only method that I found which provide some info, is the SharePoint API e.g. _api/web/GetList(@a1)/Views()
as a result you get a property that tell you how many forms have been created for that list.
This is not really enough to take control over this feature but it is something, I hope Microsoft will cover this aspect