How to use sharepoint to assign specific codes from another sharepoint list

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Hi all!


The subject is a little weird- sorry. I have surfed a bunch of forums and YouTube and can't seem to find a solution, please help!


I have a list of membership codes in a sharepoint list (also in excel, but i figured converting to a sharepoint list would be easier), this list will not change. In another list, I have an an active list were I add users who are requesting training. I have already set up a Flow where when I add a new item to this list, an email is sent to the user added and the info is copied to 2 other sharepoint lists. 


My goal is to have a membership code also be added to their info when added. The membership code should be the next one down the column so no two users share the same membership code. Is there a way to automate the assigning of the membership code? Or another way you think I can go about with this problem? 





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