How to use SharePoint for file sharing in a matrix organisation

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I need some feedback on how to structure files in a matrix organisation. I imagine other matrix organisations have the same challenges when it comes to files sharing. I have attached a picture of how we share files in our organisation.
The big question is if we should organise our SharePoint by subject or by unit. I would like to be able to do both. So, the people in the functional groups can access the files by subject, and the unit managers can access them by unit.
Can I do that? And how do I do that?
If I create a SharePoint site with subsites per subject - can I then create Teams per unit that link into the subsites but only have access to the files relevant for the specific plant? Or are there other solutions that works better?

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Definitely don’t use sub sites. Are their security requirements around each subject or unit

There are several ways to approach this but the fundamental question are:

  1. What are your security requirements?
  2. What are the requirements for working offline?
  3. Do you have record retention/archiving requirements?

In general you want to keep it a simple as possible. Don't over organize things, this just confuses the users.

Managed metadata terms sets can be very helpful for these types of scenarios. By creating Terms Sets at the tenant level, the terms can be shared across the organization. I would recommend creating one term set for the Subjects and another for the Units.

Content Types can also be very helpful when you need to have standard documents across an organization.


Yes, I need restrictions so that unit managers can only see documents for their own units. And there also needs to be different permissions in the functional groups.
I mean, you could technically create a powerapp or something using graph to pull each persons documents, but the managers would have to have access to all the subjects.

I have a similar aim: would be interested to discuss with anyone who is still active in this thread or on this topic.