How to use organization announcements in Viva Connections



Your communication team can share important information with employees by authoring announcements on your organization’s SharePoint home site or Connections app in Teams desktop.

Users will be notified of new announcements through the Viva Connections app.

They will be able to view these announcements through Viva Connections app on desktop, mobile and tablet.

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@Giuliano De Luca, is it possible to choose any other type of group when audiance targeting announcments?


Yes security groups or M365 Groups.

@Giuliano De Luca, okay, maybe it is a bug because I can only find M365 groups in my different tenants. Can you add security groups to an announcment?

Sorry I wanted to write Dynamic Group but in my mind I had security group, just to recap dynamic and M365 groups are supported
Also Mail-enabled Security groups.

Microsoft is moving toward those three for everything permission related for Viva and probably the rest