How to use Filter by Page Property in SharePoint Online modern UI

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I have added the News webpart in my team site in SharePoint Online modern view where i am not able to perform the Filter by Page property in web part property. But it is only showing the option for "Title" not other column. 

Please guide me with the more details?


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Hi @Akhilesh_Rao1620 ,


If you are selecting "Page Properties" from the filter options then the only option by default is the Page Title. More options appear here if you create custom columns such as "Department" which can then be filtered on to show different news. 


The other default columns that are available are not under Page Properties they are in the same list which you will have seen as below:-





@Andrew Hodges 


We have the same issue, we have custom columns in Page list but its still not showing up in page properties section?

Filter.PNGList details.PNG


I am expecting to be able to select "Wiki Topic" and "Wiki Page" but that is not an option. We thought it might be a time issue, but after a week its still not showing? Any help would be appreciated. 


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I know this was probably solved this ages ago, but for anyone else having trouble who trips across this, you have to add content, at least 7 to 8 items along with all the metadata in the fields you want to use as filters in order for SharePoint Online Search to add those columns into the Search schema, then they appear as Page Properties to filter on.


Not sure how often search crawls and adds, sometimes 30 mins, sometimes they appear the next day to filter on, so you may need to give it some time after adding the content.