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Hi, Is that possible to have People in people window updated automatically ? 

I mean that in Sharepoint Home tab, Where you have page there Teams can presets them and add a profile pictures, so i need to know is that possible to have automated update team so if some one new is joining team or leaving team, so it will update. 

That should get easy for have people updated on sharpoint page, so we don't need to do it manually it's easy to forget to remove or add someon on sharepoint. 




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@MR_BITNER the People web part is static and can't be updated dynamically.


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Thank you !! for replay@RobElliott 

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@MR_BITNER No, you cannot add/remove users from people web part dynamically.


If you want to show the users dynamically, you have to develop the custom SPFx web part based on your requirements. Check below sample web parts which can help you to get started with:

  1. People Directory 
  2. Microsoft Graph People Search 


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@MR_BITNER I found a blog that might be helpful to you. Add profiles to People web part – Expiscornovus