How to turn off Details panel in SharePoint document library by default

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We have an app with lots of links to content inside SharePoint folders. The pop-up window is kind of small. The Details panel always starts off open when you navigate to a folder, and it takes up half the window. Is there any way to set it so the Details panel starts off closed?


EDIT: We use document sets. At the root level the Details pane is closed, but once you navigate into a document set, the panel opens up. 

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As far as I know, there is not a setting in Document Libraries / Lists that prevents the details panel to be opened.

@mkubala007 This is enjoying! Can it be done using a Powershell?

I'm running into the same exact issue.
To kick things off, hiding the Details pane for regular folders is a built-in option. Simply head to the document library, then click the gear icon and "Library Settings." Under the "General Settings," you'll find "Launch forms in a dialog?" - set that to "No."

Now, regarding document sets, the process differs slightly. First, navigate to the site collection housing your document library. Next, access "Site Settings" via the gear icon. From there, venture into "Site Collection Administration" and click "Site collection features." You'll want to deactivate the "Document Set versions" and "Document Sets" features.

However, a caveat - disabling "Document Sets" removes that functionality entirely. If you still require document sets, an alternate path would be customizing the behavior. That would involve utilizing SharePoint Designer or enlisting a SharePoint developer for a custom solution.

Circling back to regular folders, once you toggle that "Launch forms in a dialog?" setting, the Details pane should stay closed when users browse folders in that library.

As for document sets, deactivating those two features I mentioned earlier should prevent the Details pane from automatically opening. Just keep in mind the tradeoff of losing document set capabilities with that approach.